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MOSFET 4x50W, MP3, WMA,FLAC, CD-R/RW, USB ja AUX esiküljel, valge näidik,punane nuppude valgustus (seadistatav)1xRCA, Sub.juhtimine, ASR, SLA, roolijuhtimise võimalus! 5-ribaline EQ,LPF/HPF Android-ühilduvus

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Simple but smart.

The DEH-1800UB lets you enjoy your favourite music from FM radio stations, CDs, Android smartphones, USB devices or via an Aux-In connection.

This easy to use car stereo plays your tracks at 4 x 50W of pure, proven MOSFET power. If that is not enough, you can always use the RCA pre-out to hook up another stereo component, like a subwoofer or an extra amplifier for the front and rear speakers.

This car stereo has an outstanding black and white illuminated LCD display with bright red illuminated keys.


Play that song

Hook up your smartphone via the front USB or Aux-in and enjoy instant music playback on the go. Extended USB connectivity - via MTP - now allows you to control music related apps that run on your Android smartphone (4.1 or later) directly from the stereo.

Clear from any angle

Our new and improved car stereo displays offer high contrast and a wide viewing angle, making it easy to read from the driver's and the passenger's seat.

Sound bound

Expect to be blown away by high quality audio and 4 x 50 Watts MOSFET power. A 24-bit D/A converter takes care of accurate sound reproduction without distortion, while the Advanced Sound Retriever will restore any quality that is lost during compression.

High quality audio playback

With the ability to play back FLAC files, you'll get the best possible audio quality a car stereo can offer.

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